Percent-Σdge Launch Event - 30th September 2020

Founders Kim & Simon Bradley will officially launch the Percent-Σdge Program, with special guests and an exclusive offer for attendees.

19:30 – Opening remarks & welcome

19:35 – Official launch of The Percent-Σdge Program

19:45 – Special guest speaker #1

19:50 – Launch offer

19:55 – Special guest speaker #2

20:00 – Close & virtual carriages

Recognising the need for Professionals to always be at their best, this program has been designed to improve your overall performance by a key percent-edge.

At %-Σdge we concentrate on an area often overlooked by leaders, their core bodily systems, which are vital to functioning at your best.

With a dedicated App for both iOS and Android, you will be fully supported every step of the way during the program.

To find out more, watch the videos below which give you an overview of why the program is so important, and what it can do for you – as well as showing you some of the key features.


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